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Supports of customer service

We offer the service that is coincident with the client's sales by handling the purchase results from card companies. VAN will revise the credit card company's discordant results, returns, holdings automatically and manually.

Key features of Smart Deposit Settlement

Verification and revision of sale errors

  • Provides surtax declaration and credit card sales data
  • Provides of main key reports (daily and monthly) of member stores

Verify and collect unsettled amounts

  • Trace and check deposits with unknown resource among the deposits.
  • Inquiry and collect of unsettled amounts through the existing bank book and the history of the unsettled amount.
Supports of quick and accurate sales dead line daily and monthly of member stores
Effects of Smart Deposit Calculation adoption
Customer service of Smart Deposit Calculation
  • We operate a customer service with satisfaction to handle affairs and complaints of member stores quickly.
    Inquiries for sevices : 82-1599-3700 [09:00~20:00]
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