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Supports of customer service

It is a tool that helps you to check deposit management of card payments easily and simply, and check unsettled amounts for clearing

Expectancy effects of Semplus
  • Saves time and effort by checking the current condition of sales and deposits quickly and easily.
  • Deposits accurate amounts by checking records of unsettled amounts of credit cards.
  • Improves management operation efficiency of a member store
  • Systemic deposit management of the day/per a day/card company
  • Franchise can be managed by dividing it into the headquarters, branches, and franchisees.

Primary functions
  • Online inquiry service for sales/deposit/unsettled amount
  • Inquiries for a daily information and scheduled deposit/commission
  • Inquiries for records of deposit/unsettled amount
  • Inquiries for credit card and debit card sales
  • Inquiries for National Tax Service and cash receipt sales
  • Authorization for franchise and check all branches and franchisees history at once
Premium service
- Basic service + reception of text messages
(sales, deposit, unsettled amount)
Fee: Please contact the managing agency
SemPlus customer service
  • We operate a customer service with satisfaction to handle affairs and complaints of member stores quickly.
    Inquiries for service: 82-1599-3700 [09:00~20:00]
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