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Wired payment Terminal

KIS-3410 이미지1
KIS-3410 이미지2
KIS-3410 이미지3
KIS-3410 이미지4
KIS-3410 썸네일1
KIS-3410 썸네일2
KIS-3410 썸네일3
KIS-3410 썸네일4


3 inch color thermal terminal

  • IC card payment (EMV Level 1,2 certification)
  • Two-way IC payment/ color LCD
  • Built-in ethernet connection
  • POS ticket is used (70mm, 80mm)
  • SIZE : 131(W)mm X 245(L)mm X 116(H)
3” Terminal : POS link(O) / 3” Thermal slip(70mm, 80mm), Auto Cut

2” Terminal : POS link (X) / 2” Thermal slip(50mm)


Model name KIS-3410
color/ size Size: 131(W)mm × 245(L)mm × 116(H)
Screen display Screen size: 95(H)mm × 53.8(L)mm
Resolution: 480 × 272
Key recognition (MSR) Recognition direction: Two way
Recognition speed: 10-120cm/ second
Head life: Over one million times
Card recognition (smart IC) Recognition direction: Two way
Module life: More than 100,000 times
Print Factor method: Heat-based printing method
Width of factor: 72 mm, 576 dot/ line
Maximum factor : 48 characters/ line (english), 24 characters/ line (korean)
Communication method Serial (POS, dedicated line, pin pad) 3 port (RJ9)
Money safe 1 port (RJ9)
Tel (phone, phone line) 2 port (RJ11)
Ethernet (internet) 1 port (RJ45)
Audio 1W Stereo
Button 21-Key
Power (adapter) Standard input: AC 100-200, 50/60Hz
Standard output : DC 24V, 2.5A
Weight 890.8g