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It is a system that manages retail sales conveniently at the distribution stores such as a office supply store, a general store, a convenience store, or a supermarket through the POS retail solution constructed to be suitable for the distribution Industry.

Main functions

Sales management Management of clients, estimate, sales, delivery, parking, returns, collection, tax invoice
Purchase management Vendor management, purchase management, placing an order management, payment management
Inventory management Integrated management of product codes, inventory management, inventory adjustment management
Analysis management Shipment profit rate, top 10 of shipment information, evaluation of sales, turnover ratio of products
Franchise management Management of obtaining orders of franchise, management of delivery, management of returns, inquiry of sales, etc
Other managements SMS, issuance of bar codes, management of announcement, reception of hand terminal, management of forms of various bills

Main features

  • It is easy to use with user-oriented simple design.

  • Quick response speed, and luxurious screen and design.

  • Stable database structure, and isable to expand it to ASP simply.

Flowchart for service

  • General type of
    distribution business

  • Franchise headquarter type of
    distribution business

  • Big-box retailer트

Primary screen

  • Log-in screen

    Log-in screen

  • Main screen

    Main screen

  • Table screen

    Table screen

  • Screen for order

    Screen for order

  • Payment screen

    Payment screen

  • Delivery screen

    Delivery screen


  • Quick and systematic warranty
  • Manages clients with the operations of the customer service running 24/7 and a call program owned our company.
  • Operation of specialized remote customer service team exclusively differentiated from other businesses.

Customer service


  • Business hours 09:00~20:00
  • Business hours on holidays 10:00~17:00
  • Closed : Sunday, Lunar New Year Day, Korean Thanksgiving Day