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Signature pad

KIS-SP200 이미지1
KIS-SP200 이미지2
KIS-SP200 이미지3
KIS-SP200 썸네일1
KIS-SP200 썸네일2
KIS-SP200 썸네일3


Signature pad

  • Easy to input security codes by organizing individual key pads
  • Stable transaction processing by using a signature encryption
  • The signature pad with the refined design


CPU SAM3S2A (ARM Cortex-M3)
Memory Internal 128k / SRAM 32k
Display Yellow Cog LCD / 128*64 dots
Communication method RS-232 x 2 Port
Touch method Resistance membrane method
Operating temperature 0~45℃
Usage voltage DC5V ~ ±5%
Size 161mm x 80mm x 27mm