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China Export Certification Business

China export certification services help to reduce the risks associated
with inspection, customs clearance and distribution during the Chinese export process.

Inspection (certification)

The NMPA is the National Drug Administration that oversees the supervision of cosmetics, medicines, and medical devices, and requires pre-registration and certification of NMPA eligible products.

1. Consultation and
CAIQTEST pre-examination
Consult with a specialist about the possibility of NMPA license approval based on the product composition table.
2. NMPA License Agreement
Based on the consultation and CAIQTEST advance inspection results, NMPA license acceptance agreement is made.
3. Product Information
Partner review service
Your partner will review and manage the documents you receive.
4. CAIQTEST Detection
CAIQTEST conducts product composition inspection.
5. Issuance of NMPA license
NMPA license will be issued upon receipt of CAIQTEST's inspection report and NMPA application documents.